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Make your SEO efforts work out with responsive web design

Want to make your business succeed online? The right and successful SEO strategy is an easy and effective way for you to do that. But, to make your SEO successful, you need a responsive website design (RWD).

RWD allows your website to adapt to any screen size (desktop, mobile, or tablets) by rendering the content in an easily readable and scannable form. In today’s competitive digital market, responsive design has become an absolute necessity. Statistics show that over 60% of queries within search engines come from mobile devices. So, if your website design is not responsive, your search engine optimization efforts will be affected adversely. Plus, with Google’s new mobile-first update, you can’t think of running a successful SEO campaign without RWD.

While many factors play a crucial role in improving your SEO, responsive design is something that can’t be ignored. And without this design element, your search engine optimization efforts will be incomplete. If you are still wondering why you should move to a responsive website design, here are a few reasons that may resolve your doubts.

Google takes responsive design seriously

Because of Google’s new “mobile-first” index update, RWD has become just as essential a priority as SEO and relevant content. Also, Google gives priority and highly ranks mobile-friendly websites. If your website is not mobile-friendly, your competitors will likely outrank you in their index.

Reduced copied content

Original content and URL is essential for successful search engine optimization effort. When you use a separate website for your mobile clients, you need to use a different URL, which can create duplicate content issues. And duplicate content can harm your ranking in SERPs. But when you move to mobile responsive website design in NYC, you wouldn’t face plagiarism content/URL problems as a “mobile-first” perspective allows you to merge your content to a single unique URL.

Improved user experience

When it comes to getting recurring customers and increased conversion rates, good usability scores play a vital role. Such user experiences (customer journey and customer experience) are what allow businesses to succeed in the digital domain.

Faster page loading speed

Page loading speed is an established and known ranking factor. It means a quicker loading website always ranks well in search engine results. A mobile responsive website will load faster, resulting in a more positive user experience as well as a boost in ranking on SERPs.

So, these are three reasons why having a responsive site design is essential for a successful SEO. You can get in touch with an SEO company Long Island NY that provides reliable website designing services. They will not only make your website design more mobile-friendly but also use the appropriate digital marketing strategies to increase your search engine rankings.